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Our No.1 House Blend was developed back in 2007. After months of trial roasting a wide variety of single origin coffees, we selected three fair trade organic arabica coffees for their individual flavour traits and soft acidity. The lower level of acidity in these coffees allows us to roast these origins to a medium roast profile. This roasting method brings out the natural flavours of each bean without bitterness. Our blend has since been recognised nationally with multiple awards.



Three single origin coffees from Central and South America combine to produce a strong, smooth espresso with great body, sweet spiced aroma and soft acidity. 100% Fair Trade organic of course!

No.1 House Blend

Blend Details

Origin: Mexico Chiapas. 

Cooperative: San Fernando 

Processing: Fully washed 

Roasting notes: Rich powerful aroma with a smooth body and light sweetness of raisins. Hazelnuts, oak, and pipe tobacco are lurking in the flavour. Finely balanced.


Origin: Guatemala Guaya’b GHG

Cooperative: Guaya’b

Processing: Fully washed

Roasting notes: Fruity and sweet aroma. Coffee is medium bodied with distinct berry fruit flavours -a touch of plum. The acidity is bright and clear, but not overpowering, very well balanced, lively and satisfying coffee.


Origin: Peru, Rodríguez de Mendoza

Cooperative: COOPARM

Processing: Fully washed

Roasting notes: Light citrusy aroma, it is sweet with rounded, soft acidity and caramel and ripe stonefruit flavours in the cup, good winey body and a lingering sweetness.



In 2011 we entered our No.1 House Blend in the NZ Coffee Awards for the first time and scooped a silver medal for best NZ espresso!

In 2012 we backed this up with a bronze medal for best organic espresso and in 2013 we continued this success with a silver medal for best flat white.

Our last award was a silver medal for traditional flat white at the 2015 and final edition of the competition. 

Our awards

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We exclusively buy and roast certified fair trade coffee because we feel good about supporting disadvantaged coffee farmers. Despite massive global demand for coffee, many farmers have small lots and struggle to earn a living from their crop. Large multi national companies buy the bulk of each harvest at reduced prices. Fair trade sets a fairer price for the coffee farmer. We like that.

Why fair trade?